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Christine L. Evans, Ceramic Figure Sculptor

Christine L. Evans is a ceramic figure sculptor working in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She received a BAFA with an emphasis in ceramics from the University of New Mexico in 2002. After graduation, Christine devoted herself to teaching ceramics in various community art schools and to developing her own studio practice. Over the years Christine's work has evolved into an evocative expression of emotional authenticity that speaks of a  connection with the natural world. Her figures project the energy of thoughts and feelings in ways that resonate with the viewer on a primal, subconscious level.

"I seek to convey the beauty of humanity’s emotional response to Nature through my work. Sculpting the human figure allows me to express particular qualities of feeling in very direct ways. People are adept at reading faces for emotional content and my sculptures are part of that conversation.

When I work on a face, I experience a strong attachment to it as it comes into being. I love the process of teasing out features, a dab of clay at a time. This happens every time, with each face I create. This passion for the sculpting process drives my practice and lays the foundation for endless possibilities."

Christine was awarded a six month residency in 2019 at the North Carolina Pottery Center in Seagrove, NC and second artist residency at the Buffalo Creek Art Center in Gardnerville, NV in 2021.






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